I Just Don’t Have Words

I am not quite sure how to address this.  Last week I wrote the piece that I wrote.  You know where I am on how people are responding.  But my comments where much more about the philosophical and political response, the words and practices of what is being done about church associations and a unified body of Christ.

So I want to make sure that I am absolutely clear.  The people that I responded to last week are not who I’m responding to today.

I woke up this morning to see that 4 churches were threatened with violence because of the decision that was made.  Literally, somebody threatened to burn the churches down in this area, not because the pastors were doing anything (or that they even can because it isn’t legal in Missouri) but because of the decision of the national church.  I have words, but they ring hollow.  I can write how this is antithetical to scripture, how it is antithetical to Jesus, how it makes no sense, but that is my desire to make sense of a senseless threat.All I can do is pray for peace in the hearts of those who send threats like this, safety for those who are threatened, and a sense of love and unity that transcends our Earthly desires.  I can’t make sense of it, as I shouldn’t.  I just pray for peace and love.

– Robby

2 Replies to “I Just Don’t Have Words”

  1. Robby, a mutual friend directed me to your blog, suggested that I give it a shot! I am glad that they did. I have been in ministry for the past twenty years and found out that faith, bible, chruch and religion in my naive youthful ministry were synonymous with each other. I get a sense that you are already on a road of understanding that they are all connected but all unique. My prayer for you on this Holy Saturday morning is that you never let “church” interfere with your personal “faith”. I recently have been reflecting on Psalm 139. This reminds me that the most intimate relationship I, and you, will ever have is the one that is between a loving and caring God who knew, know and will know the most intimate details of our being. It is not with the church either through the CPM nor your blessed congregations. Both of them can some times confuse our ministries as being of this world and not for this world. While we do not know each other, it is clear to me that the world needs men (and women) of faith to bring the joyous Easter message of redemption and salvation to all people. You speak so eloquently of the body of Christ, the oneness of that body. You reflected that each time that body is splintered or dies for worldy cares, the divine body of Christ is weakened.

    May this Easter Sunday and the ensuing journey to Pentecost through the Easter Season, be a time of peaceful, joyous and celebrated healing of our pains.

    If you would like to continue this discussion, my email is bernard.deFarge@gmail.com.

    Unfortunately I am more likely to direct you to a good wine rather than a new beer. Will make recommendations later if you wish.

    God’s speed on your evolving journey of faith. Remember that your role in ministry is not to bring all to salvation but to realize that each time you are a part of one redemptive event, you have indeed saved a soul.

    May you and your family have a Joyous and Blessed Easter.



    1. Hey Bernard,

      Such kind words for an often neglected project! I may have to take you up on the wine suggestions in the coming months now that I’m trying to pick things back up.

      I just pray that my contributions may help build up the body of Christ and that we may all see the loving glory of God now that we have passed Easter and live in the world after the resurrection.

      Thank you again, and God Bless!
      – Robby


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