Who is the “Red Shoe Pastor?”

Hi, I’m Robert Brown.  I’m a pastor who likes red Chucks.

I also write.  This is my blog.

This site used to be called, “Jesus, Beer, and My Tiny Kitchen” but I lost the time and ambition to blog about cooking and beer.  Now I just write about Jesus stuff (and weird stuff because I’m weird) and just drink beer and cook for the sake of drinking beer and cooking.

I believe in radically loving everyone, that everyone deserves to participate in the fullness of the church, and that no sin can separate us from the love of God expressed in Jesus Christ, and that no institution set up by man to express that love should separate anyone out.

This blog is – hopefully – my way of showing that in its more meager offerings.

Here’s a picture of my dog for no apparent reason:

She is the best brown mutt ever put on God’s green Earth. At least right now while she’s looking cute she is!

Read and enjoy your stay here!  Peace!

– Robby

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